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Attrition Calculator

How much money do you lose in employee turnover and recruitment costs each year?


How to Use the Calculator:

Just plug in your yearly averages for number of employees lost at each tier of experience–entry-level, mid-level, and executive/specialty. Then enter the average salary level for each tier. We’ll do the rest.

What You’ll Learn:

You will see exactly how much your company spends in attrition costs each year across each sector of your workforce. You’ll also see your grand total 2018 attrition costs, which can help you make more informed operational and hiring decisions this year. .

The Math:

Between recruitment, onboarding, training time, learning curve, and lost customers, it costs 40% of an entry-level employee’s salary to replace each worker. This cost increases to 150% for mid-level employees, and 400% for executive or specialty roles. This is how we calculate boxes X, Y, and Z, respectively. Your total average yearly attrition is simply all of these added together.

Source: https://www.eremedia.com/tlnt/what-was-leadership-thinking-the-shockingly-high-cost-of-employee-turnover/ 

Enter your current metrics to calculate your potential results, then scroll down to view them.