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Social Good Companies Encast and Soceana Join Forces

Austin social good startup Encast and Soceana, a complementary giving platform launched in Philadelphia, today announced the signing of a merger agreement.

Encast delivers cloud-based services that helps small to medium-sized businesses easily track and direct their team’s social good activities. Soceana is an award-winning startup with the goal of generating social good through a digital currency, which simplifies giving for everyone.

"This merger enhances our value proposition for small businesses, enterprises, and individuals," said Encast CEO and co-founder Leo Ramirez, Jr. "We’re revolutionizing how people connect with each other and the causes they love: uplifting personal relationships, workplace culture, customer affinity, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) along the way.”

Soceana, which was founded by Tess Michaels - while a student at the University of Pennsylvania - created a patent-pending digital currency called “Philas,” which values charitable contributions of all kinds – money, time, and goods. Powered by Philas, Soceana developed an innovative, enterprise-class – and small business friendly – cause marketing platform, which can dramatically increase brand awareness and social good through volunteerism.

“Bringing our two companies together made sense for a number of reasons,” Michaels said. “Our platform enables the budding and the seasoned philanthropists to track and direct their social good activities. Together, we offer a wholesome portfolio of services by redesigning how businesses connect with their teams, customers, and partners.”

Ramirez added, “Soceana expands the scope and impact of philanthropy, which aligns perfectly with Encast’s founding mission. We will enable everyone to track a lifetime of impact with like-minded people, businesses, and causes.”

About Encast
Encast is a cloud-based service that connects people to each other by finding common ground through philanthropic passions. Armed with its philanthropic intelligence, businesses can elevate their brand by creating workplace environments, programs, and community initiatives that are better aligned with their teams, resulting in overall higher engagement, productivity, retention, and profitability. Its supporters include Brian Acton, the co-founder of WhatsApp and Chairman of the Signal Foundation. Learn more at http://encast.gives

About Soceana
Soceana seeks to generate social good by creating a vibrant community of volunteers, nonprofits, philanthropists and corporations. 65 million Americans volunteer every year, and Americans collectively give $250 billion in charitable contributions. Soceana seeks to integrate these two forms of doing good using social media and a novel digital currency - Philas. Its early sponsors include Sandro Baldino, the founder of Generocity, Richard Henriques, the former CFO of the Gates Foundation, Bill Thoet the former chairman of the ALS Association, and Eric Ly, co-founder of LinkedIn. Learn more at http://soceana.com

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