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One Last Favor: Let Us Give Back to You

By Admin Posted on March 12, 2016

During most of last year, I went for coffee with dozens of people in the Austin community as I tried to find the best next career opportunity for me. I asked them for their time, insights, and contacts.

All that help, all that advice, and all those connections got me today exactly where I need to be: Encast. So when we were told to invite to our SXSW Encast Party the companies we wanted in our party I pretty much focused on inviting these people.

Asking them favors was pretty much the only basis upon which our relationships had been built, until now, but still they RSVPed and came yesterday to the first day of our social gathering and networking event at the Des Moines Embassy.

I’m particularly grateful to Warren Washington from Bigcommerce who came to say hello yesterday and for bringing his wife on the day of their 32nd anniversary.

Having something of value that you offer to others, whether it is a fun environment and a complimentary bar, out of joy of sharing, and seeing how that invitation is recognized and appreciated brings in a different type of emotion that you don’t get when making requests of people.

It feels better because when you give you come from a place of abundance, not  a place of need. With Warren I felt as if I was closing a circle, that I didn’t even know it existed in my conscience. Give and Take.

For all those that helped our company Encast or any of our team members in any kind of way, through encouragement, advice, material, or kindness, you are our heroes. And I have one last favor to ask you: please swing by 6th & Red River during SXSW and let us give back to you a good time.

We’ll all feel great together.

Author: Admin

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