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Living and Giving:

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Where Attention Goes, Giving Flows

By Admin Posted on April 15, 2016

You know how they say when you buy a brand of car you leave the shop and suddenly you start seeing that car everywhere.

Something similar has happened to me since I started working at Encast when it comes to opportunities for giving. I see them coming from every direction, left and right.

Three reasons for this:

1- When you are familiar with something and is important for you, you pay more attention to it, as in the case of car.

2- As you start playing in a new space, meeting people and going to events related to that space, opportunities to engage in that space start coming to you.

3- An external transformation goes hand in hand with an internal one. Like a cherry, or a kiss, where one leads to the other. Call it consciousness or serendipity, something not rationally explainable that attracts more of what you are already becoming.

Our friends and family have ideas of who we are, and  know us as someone who does “this” or is like “that”. Whether we like it or not, that’s how we show up in the world for them, and they will relate to us accordingly.

You can be thought of as the guy who makes great parties, the guy who gives friends rides to airport or the guy who cares and gives to the things they love. I’d love to be thought of as this last guy. Actually, I wouldn’t mind being the party guy either. And the airport guy? Yeah, not so much.

Author: Admin

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