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Encast Launches Lifestyle of Giving Web Magazine

By Leo Ramirez Posted on July 25, 2016

Encast (http://www.encast.co), creator of the new WorkHERO™ platform and Giving as a Service™ for businesses, has just launched a web magazine dedicated to informing readers about the lifestyle of giving and philanthropy. The site, branded as “GetMouse” (http://getmouse.com), will feature consistent original content on charitable causes, people who are living and giving, new technology, and trends that are making the world a better place. The site’s tagline is, “Share the cheese.”

“We are doing something we don’t think anyone else is,” said Ryan Surber, Encast Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder. “We wanted to have some fun and help people learn that anyone can start being a philanthropist at any time in their lives. Plus, we’ve got a lot of people with a ton of knowledge in nonprofits, charitable causes, and technology, and we’ll have new content from them all week, every week.”

GetMouse will offer consistently fresh stories on lifestyles, businesses, causes, profiles of people, resources for the giver, and news. The site’s larger goal is to create a community for people interested in giving as part of their everyday lives. A newsletter featuring top stories and latest information will be available to subscribers.

“If we can create enthusiasm with stories and information, and combine that energy with technology, we can have a big impact on philanthropy,” said Elisha Girken, Business Development Manager for Encast, who has been readying GetMouse for launch. “We Millennials have taken up charitable giving early in our careers, instead of waiting until we retire, and we need information on how and where to give to make the most difference.”

The first edition of GetMouse includes features on the new trend of fee-free giving, a grassroots charity that funds an airborne eye hospital, a report on how to leverage social media to maximize the impact of Corporate Social Responsibility, and an analysis on whether a business can make a profit and a difference. GetMouse will also publish contributing writers with expertise in the world of philanthropy, nonprofits, and cause giving.

“We launched Encast because we understood the interest in giving,” said Leo Ramirez, Jr., CEO and co-founder of Encast. “GetMouse will get important information from informed experts to anyone who is considering becoming involved in a cause or a nonprofit. We hope to educate people on how we can all live lives with everyday heroics.”

About: Encast makes charitable giving a lifestyle through services, which connect companies and individuals to the causes they love. Our Giving as a Service (GaaS™) delivers the HERO platform, which offers 1.5 million causes, intelligent recommendations, impact assessments, tax records, and money management for engaged philanthropists of all ages.


Author: Leo Ramirez

Leo is the co-founder and CEO of Encast, an organization dedicated to improving the way CSR professions create, manage, and measure CSR programs. Leo is passionate about the role that culture plays in business success. Leo has launched and managed social ventures, lead multi-disciplinary teams, and built solid relationships with civic and corporate leaders. His 25-year career has spanned executive management, business development, consulting, nonprofit management, technical support and engineering positions with Southwest Key Programs, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Coremetrics, Trilogy and Apple.

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