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A Quick Encast Howdy from Texas

By Leo Ramirez Posted on December 22, 2017

We often get asked about our company and how we improve workplace culture. The term can be considered vague, which is a bit ironic given how important it is to employee engagement and productivity, even a company's brand and share value. If that's a characteristic that your company values, you need to know about our company.

 Who is Encast?

Encast (http://encast.gives) boosts workplace culture and brand by aligning businesses with their most important asset: people.

Why culture matters

Culture-forward businesses, such as many of Fortune’s 500 Best Companies to Work For, exemplify the fact that those who put their people first outperform their competition. Those that give their people a higher purpose, other than profit, do even better. People want more than a job. Recognize that, provide it, and your company will excel.

As such, a company that coalesces around Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) builds more engaged workplaces that experience up to a 13% increase in productivity, a 25-50% reduction in attrition, and a 20% increase in revenue (http://projectroi.com).

WorkHERO to the rescue

CSR has become one of the most important and meaningful strategies for boosting workplace culture. Encast WorkHERO (http://encast.gives/workhero) shines a spotlight on staff's philanthropic passions, helping even the smallest businesses easily develop employee and customer-centric programs. Our data helps businesses make better, values-based decisions than ever before.

Individualized giving, through MyHERO, gives staff the flexibility to support over 1.5 million U.S. 501(c)(3) causes through volunteering, payroll deductions, and company grants. Built-in intelligence learns and recommends, helping even the newest givers act like seasoned philanthropists.

100% of every donation gets to their intended causes, a single tax receipt at year end makes it easy for staff to consolidate their passions through the platform, and an iOS app makes it convenient to give anytime, anywhere.

Engaging is easy

Even with tens of thousands of employees, WorkHERO deploys in less than an hour.

Now is the perfect time to give your culture a boost. Let’s capitalize on your team's desire to ignite their generous spirit and elevate your brand in the process.


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Author: Leo Ramirez

Leo Ramirez is CEO and co-founder of Encast. He was a very good tennis player when he was young. But he was even better with numbers. His dad told him to stick to math. Leo wanted to be at center court in Wimbledon. But his dad was smarter than he was. Now Leo runs a technology company. And tells people to listen to their parents.

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