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Living and Giving:

Stories And Causes You Care About



Recent Posts

Where Attention Goes, Giving Flows

You know how they say when you buy a brand of car you leave the shop and suddenly you start seeing...

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If Google = Search, Then Encast = Giving

I sit with my cape in one of the couches at the SXSW Trade Show Bar and Lounge and see how our...

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One Last Favor: Let Us Give Back to You

During most of last year, I went for coffee with dozens of people in the Austin community as I...

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Roddick Serves Up An Ace

Andy Roddick was the keynote speaker at a Luncheon hosted by Austin Gives, a program that...

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The Middle Path of Giving

As I vaguely remember from growing up in Spain in the 80’s and 90’s, giving was not a major part of...

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