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Better Leadership with Cross Cultural Awareness

By Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business Posted on March 9, 2018

One of the strengths of today’s increasingly diverse global workforce is the fact that diversity brings innovation, fresh perspective, and creative problem solving to the workplace. In order to utilize the variety of skills and perspectives employees bring to the table, managers need to examine their own frame of reference, or paradigm through which they view the world and actively seek to broaden it in order to build more effective work groups and create an inclusive work environment.

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While all seasoned managers bring some of the skills necessary to build effective teams in a diverse business setting, actively engaging in a professional certificate program such as the Advanced Specialized Certificate in Intercultural Management from Notre Dame, can bolster confidence and professional acumen, and demonstrate to employers that you are committed to creating the most effectively functioning and profitable work environment. Executives with intercultural management skills are in increasing demand among employers wishing to secure the competitive edge in a constantly changing global marketplace. Consider the following points when developing your intercultural communication skills and cross cultural leadership style.

1. Identify Your Paradigm(s)

Part of advanced intercultural management training is taking on the responsibility of knowing your “blind spots” when it comes to cultural sensitivity. Integrating a self-assessment process into your employee review process is one way to normalize cultural sensitivity on a person to person basis. In order to effectively lead others in the process of self-reflection and change, you must first master the process. Recognizing your own pitfalls that could lead to a decrease in employee trust helps you make changes in yourself, and inspire change in others.

Intercultural training programs provide resources and a best practice plan to examine your paradigms regarding intercultural issues such as gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, generational differences, and other cultural factors such as socio-economic background and international experiences. Programs such as Notre Dame’s also offer online resources and networking capabilities that extend beyond the completion of the certificate program.

2. Fortify Your Team

A successful 21st century manager sees the positive possibilities in a diverse team and actively implements strategies that underscore the importance of self-awareness and synergy among all employees. Managers who have completed advanced training in intercultural communication skills will be able to foresee many cultural sensitivity issues and preemptively put procedures and training in place to avoid unnecessary stress and workplace tension without singling out any one person or group. Through completing the Advanced Specialized Certificate in Intercultural Management program with the internationally recognized reputation of Notre Dame to back you, employers will see your commitment to creating a dynamic workplace where you can offer the skills necessary to build an organization that will excel because of the strengths a diverse workforce brings with them.

3. Secure Your Intercultural Management Skills

Whether or not you choose to seek formal training to increase your cross-cultural awareness and multicultural acumen, the fact remains that most industries are experiencing a sizeable growth in workplace diversity. To meet the unique challenges of the 21st century workplace and remain competitive, managers need to have the skills necessary to leverage diversity as a strength. Securing intercultural communication skills through an internationally recognized program, exploring problem-solving with leaders in the field, practicing proven intercultural awareness strategies and garnishing the support of a network that extends beyond the end of a certificate program are all important bonuses of enrolling in a cost-effective Advanced Specialized Certificate in Intercultural Management from Notre Dame Online.


Savvy executives know that the global marketplace is ever changing. Skilled managers with proper training exude confidence and finesse that is palpable in the workplace and help to set the tone for excellent employee relations and workplace profitability. Keeping your credentials current shows employers that you have the vitality and determination to stay ahead of the competition and underscores your importance as a team leader driving the momentum of the organization forward.

The online Advanced Intercultural Management program offered through Notre Dame Online meets the needs of a constantly evolving workforce and offers you the knowledge, networking, and practical credentials to advance your repertoire of managerial skills with the packed punch of an internationally recognized name and cutting edge experts leading you every step of the way.

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