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The Energy of Inspired Employees

By James Moore Posted on January 29, 2018

"We all want to be a valued member of a winning team on an inspiring mission," he says. This is the kind of statement we've built our company Encast around and our main product of WorkHERO. A job is not enough. We need to be a part of something bigger than work, and bigger than ourselves. You can do this by engaging employees in charitable causees through your company. We facilitate that through the Encast WorkHERO and MyHERO platforms. Choose the causes you want to help. Decide the amount you want to donate. Measure  your impact. Our goal is to democratize philanthropy. Everyone can give a little bit, and cumulatively, we will all make a big difference. Listen to Graham Weston give his TedX talk below. He is the chairman of Rackspace. 

Working Millennials, Improving Culture, CSR, Inspiration

Author: James Moore

James Moore runs communications and whatever else is needed for Encast. He is a New York Times best-selling author. Seriously. And is working on his seventh book. He also talks on MSNBC some times about politics. And knows more about Texas than is healthy. He loves motorcycles, too, and is presently obsessed with making Encast great. Don’t let him bore you talking about West Texas and the desert.

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