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How to Start Changing an Unhealthy Work Environment

By Leo Ramirez Posted on January 31, 2018

Among all of the considereations business leaders have to confront on a daily basis, creating the right kind of workplace environment might be overlooked. They are often concerned with product deadlines and "sprints" and demanding customers and can fail to contemplate the daily needs of their employees. This is changing, sometimes too slowly, but most executives are realizing that companies cannot excel without happy employees. Contempoary businesses need an identifiable culture and it should engage employees in something more than their job. What are you doing to make your business workplace happier and more productive while also making a difference in your community?


Millennials, Workplace Culture, Benefits, CSR, Inspiration

Author: Leo Ramirez

Leo Ramirez is CEO and co-founder of Encast. He was a very good tennis player when he was young. But he was even better with numbers. His dad told him to stick to math. Leo wanted to be at center court in Wimbledon. But his dad was smarter than he was. Now Leo runs a technology company. And tells people to listen to their parents.

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