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Living and Giving:

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Live, Give, and Amplify

By Contributor Posted on February 23, 2018

by Adam Boles at CultureMap Austin

In an age where everything we could possibly want is a mere click away — that snazzy kitchen gadget, those funky earrings, that cutting-edge 4K flat screen — retail therapy has never been easier to come by. It feels good, and gives us both an endorphin bump and mail to look forward to.

On March 1-2, instead of dialing in those Visa digits for the next new thing, open your digital wallet and donate to a local cause that’ll make you feel really good.

For 24 hours beginning at 6 pm on Thursday, March 1, I Live Here I Give Here brings back its annual online fundraising event, Amplify Austin — and they’ve set some pretty lofty goals. In the span of one day, ILHIGH hopes to raise $10 million for local nonprofits and charities, a target they nearly hit last year when they reached over $9 million in donations.

Over the last decade, ILHIGH has fostered a community of young and emerging donors to support the causes in which they most believe. Their website aggregates 700-plus Central Texas charities into categories like “Education” and “Environment,” allowing donors to shop for the causes and organizations they want to support.
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