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Living and Giving

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Featured Charity: Latinitas - Empowering Latina Youth
Teo Tijerina / Featured Charities / April 19, 2017

This inspirational non-profit organization is empowering young Latina women.

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4 Out-of-the-Ordinary Animal Shelters You Need to Hear About
James Moore / Featured Charities / April 18, 2017

There are animal shelters, and then there are ANIMAL SHELTERS—check out these 4 unique ones!

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Local vs Global Charities—Who Do I Donate To?
James Moore / Inspiration / April 13, 2017

It's a tough choice and often stems from our own principles and beliefs.

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Nonprofits Take Note - Not a Proud Admission
Contributor / Inspiration / April 12, 2017

So you have a great idea for an awesome, impactful cause—now what? Here's how to actually implement your idea.

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What Should My Employee Retention Rate Be?
James Moore / Improving Culture / April 11, 2017

Turnover is a natural thing in the workplace—but what should your retention rate actually be? The answer may not be so straightforward.

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Featured Charity—Hill Country Youth Ranch

We know the impact of community gardens, which is why we love that these 4 are doing awesome work. Check them out!

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