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Living and Giving:

Stories And Causes You Care About
Corporate Social Justice: The Next Chapter of CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility has come a long way. From companies thinking of CSR as a necessity...

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The Power of Storytelling in CSR
Encast News, CSR, ROI May 20, 2020

In the world of Corporate Social Responsibility, businesses put extraordinary efforts into...

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Top 3 CSR Mistakes to Avoid During a Recession
Encast News, CSR, ROI May 10, 2020

In the rapidly evolving environment surrounding COVID-19, companies are being pushed into thinking...

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Top 3 Business Imperatives for CSR in the COVID-19 Era
Encast News, CSR, ROI April 28, 2020

Top 3 Business Imperatives for CSR in the COVID-19 Era 

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Encast, COVID-19, & The Future of CSR
Encast News, CSR, ROI April 28, 2020

From the entire team at Encast, we hope you and your families are safe and healthy. 

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SXSW and Givin' Good in the Neighborhood

The rites of spring in Austin tend to be fixed on Bluebonnets, Indian paint brush, warm winds off...

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Branding and Workplace Culture
Workplace Culture, CSR, ROI, Inspiration February 8, 2018

The trend toward Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) over the past decade has had a tremendous...

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What Is Workplace Culture?
Millennials, Workplace Culture, CSR February 7, 2018

Culture is the character and personality of your organization. It's what makes your organization...

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How Crypto for Social Good Will Change the Way We Give Back

In this episode, we’ll speak with three special guests - Drew Galloway, Ryan Lugalia-Hollon, and...

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The Energy of Inspired Employees

"We all want to be a valued member of a winning team on an inspiring mission," he says. This is the...

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How to Increase Employee Volunteering AND Build Company Culture
Workplace Culture, CSR June 27, 2017

A successful corporate social responsibility program is one that gets employees excited about being...

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Featured Businesses: 4 Companies Who Truly Give Back
CSR June 13, 2017

Wondering what a successful corporate social responsibility program looks like? By now, most...

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What the hell is a donor advised fund and why should I care?
CSR, ROI June 7, 2017

If you don’t wear a top hat and a monocle on a regular basis, you probably don’t know what a Donor...

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Why Your Charitable Giving Isn’t—and Shouldn’t Be—About “Politics”
Workplace Culture, CSR May 30, 2017

It’s a tough time right now. The current political climate is intense and heated. We understand...

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Why a CSR Tool Might Not Be For You
Benefits, CSR May 25, 2017

We know what you’re thinking: “Why would a company that sells CSR tools write a blog post...

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Do I Need a CSR Tool? Or Is It a Waste of Money?
Benefits, CSR May 9, 2017

You would be hard-pressed today to find a company, employee or consumer with zero interest in...

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Why Were Some People Unwilling to Give Money to Charity?
CSR May 2, 2017

When you establish a corporate social responsibility program, it’s natural to focus on why people...

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10 Employee Giving Campaigns Ideas that Actually Sound Fun
CSR April 25, 2017

We all have slightly different things we like to do for fun. While a messy obstacle course may...

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Why Your Employee Giving Program Should Include Employee matching
Benefits, CSR March 14, 2017

When it comes to creating a corporate giving strategy, you have a lot of options. Unfortunately,...

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How Are You Defining Corporate Social Responsibility Success?
Benefits, CSR February 28, 2017

Is your corporate social responsibility program successful? How do you know? There are a variety of...

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It's Never Been Easier to Give Like You Mean It
Workplace Culture, CSR February 21, 2017

When I was a kid, my first foray into charitable giving was to participate in a walk for the local...

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Is Facebook a Viable Giving Platform?
CSR February 14, 2017

Thanks to ever-evolving technology, there are a wide array of tools designed to facilitate and...

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Participation in CSR is Born From Choice—NOT Mandates
Benefits, CSR February 7, 2017

Imagine this: you go to work one day only to find that a percentage of every employee’s paycheck...

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​8 Must-Take Steps Before Launching a Corporate Giving Program
Benefits, CSR January 31, 2017

Corporate social responsibility has gone from a buzzword to an expectation.

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How Corporate Social Responsibility Can Actually Be Easy
CSR January 17, 2017

If it seems to you that everyone in the business world is focusing on corporate social...

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Motivating Employees to Give Back Is Easier Than You Think
Workplace Culture, CSR January 10, 2017

Not getting the response you expected from your employee giving campaign?

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Are Businesses Measuring Their Corporate Social Responsibility?
CSR, ROI December 27, 2016

Companies start corporate social responsibility initiatives for a variety of reasons.

At the core...

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Corporate Social Responsibility Isn't Just the Cool Thing to Do
Millennials, Benefits, CSR December 20, 2016

Corporate Social Responsibility, once a rare occurrence, has become the standard for companies of...

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Aligning Your Corporate Giving Programs with Millennials
Millennials, Benefits, CSR December 13, 2016

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, millennials are flooding into the workforce.

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​4 Predictions for the Future of Corporate Philanthropy
CSR December 6, 2016

There was a time when a corporation giving back to the community was considered an anomaly, but...

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The Real Truth about HR Technology and Employee Giving Campaigns
CSR November 22, 2016

From desktop computers and laptops to security systems and smartphones, technology is our constant...

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How to Spend $100,000 on Prom
CSR October 20, 2016

Giving. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Frankly, it’s something we learn to do. Babies are not...

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Encast Launches Lifestyle of Giving Web Magazine
CSR July 25, 2016

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A Credit Card for Buying and Doing Good
CSR June 17, 2016

by Caitlin O'Dowd

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Spring Cleaning for Fund Raisers
CSR April 11, 2016

By Jim Eskin

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Fund Raising: It's Common Sense
CSR April 4, 2016

by Jim Eskin

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A New Kind of Philanthropy
CSR February 23, 2016

By Ryan Surber, Encast Co-Founder and CFO

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