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Living and Giving

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What the hell is a donor advised fund and why should I care?
TC Waugh / Finding ROI, CSR Engagement / June 7, 2017

A donor advised fund is what helps us not take any fees from donors—here's how it works.

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Why Your Charitable Giving Isn’t—and Shouldn’t Be—About “Politics”

It's a tough time—but your employees' giving shouldn't be affected. Here's why

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Why a CSR Tool Might Not Be For You

Realistically, a CSR tool isn't for everyone—we know that. Here are reasons why it might not work for you.

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10 Employee Giving Campaigns Ideas that Actually Sound Fun
James Moore / CSR, CSR Engagement / April 25, 2017

Here are 10 employee giving campaign ideas for your business to try.

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Why Your Employee Giving Program Should Include Employee matching

Matching your employee's donation might not seem worth it, but you'd be surprised! Here's how it can make a big impact on your business and community.

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Millennials are your next workforce.

See how they will shape your company’s philanthropy and giving culture––one donation at a time!

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