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Living and Giving

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What the hell is a donor advised fund and why should I care?
TC Waugh / Finding ROI, CSR Engagement / June 7, 2017

A donor advised fund is what helps us not take any fees from donors—here's how it works.

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Try Our New Attrition Calculator!
James Moore / Finding ROI / April 4, 2017

We've released a free attrition calculator for you to find out how much money you're losing in employee turnover—check it out!

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Are Businesses Measuring Their Corporate Social Responsibility?
James Moore / CSR, Finding ROI / December 27, 2016

A lot of business aren't! Here is what they need to measure to find a return on your corporate social responsibility

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Fee Free Giving from Encast
Leo Ramirez / Finding ROI / June 2, 2016

Fee Free Giving from Encast

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Can a Business Make a Profit and a Difference?
Leo Ramirez / Finding ROI / May 18, 2016

Can a Business Make a Profit and a Difference?

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