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Living and Giving:

Stories And Causes You Care About
Live, Give, and Amplify
Workplace Culture, Inspiration February 23, 2018

by Adam Boles at CultureMap Austin

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SXSW and Givin' Good in the Neighborhood

The rites of spring in Austin tend to be fixed on Bluebonnets, Indian paint brush, warm winds off...

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Branding and Workplace Culture
Workplace Culture, CSR, ROI, Inspiration February 8, 2018

The trend toward Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) over the past decade has had a tremendous...

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How Crypto for Social Good Will Change the Way We Give Back

In this episode, we’ll speak with three special guests - Drew Galloway, Ryan Lugalia-Hollon, and...

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The Energy of Inspired Employees

"We all want to be a valued member of a winning team on an inspiring mission," he says. This is the...

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A Better Name than "Nonprofit"
Inspiration May 31, 2017

We all know businesses are out to make a profit, either for the owner or for their shareholders....

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Average Joe Philanthropist Wants Invite to Party
Inspiration May 24, 2017

To live a philanthropic or giving life doesn’t mean you aren’t fun. It doesn’t mean you give large...

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A New Kind of Philanthropy
Inspiration May 17, 2017

At Encast, we want to convince the world that people don’t have to be wealthy to be...

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The Future of Work
Inspiration April 26, 2017

Following my time in college, I found myself frantically looking for a job or internship for much...

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6 Small Things to Do Today to Help Your Favorite Causes
Inspiration April 20, 2017

Have a cause or charity that matters to you, but are unsure how you can help? You are not alone.


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Local vs Global Charities—Who Do I Donate To?
Inspiration April 13, 2017

You’ve found a cause that you are passionate about – you want to work to eliminate childhood...

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Celebrate Mom and Pop Business Day
Inspiration March 28, 2017

March 29th is Mom and Pop Business Day in the United States. According to the United States Small...

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How to Actually Implement Your Great, Charitable Idea
Inspiration March 16, 2017

Ever have a moment where you come up with an amazing idea that could benefit your community or...

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Employee Knife Skills: Companies Empowering Employees to Create Their Company Culture
Inspiration March 15, 2017

I was listening to a podcast this morning about the importance of teaching children how to cook....

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Featured Charity: Lava Mae—Bringing Dignity to the Homeless
Inspiration March 9, 2017

Ever wondered about the difference a shower can make? If you have never experienced homelessness,...

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Are You Thinking Big Enough?
Inspiration March 8, 2017

We’ve all heard someone tell us to “think big,” but what does that mean? Recently, I have opened...

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Nonprofits Take Note - Not a Proud Admission
Inspiration August 2, 2016

The year before last, the son of a colleague I highly respect passed away. There were no notices...

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