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Living and Giving

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The Real Reasons You Have to Hire Millennials
James Moore / Working Millennials / June 1, 2017

It may become the inevitbable—but it's certainly not a bad thing.

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The Cause Generation—Why Millennials Are Key to Employee Giving Programs

Your employee giving programs are seriously fueled by the millennials in your workplace. Here's why:

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Corporate Social Responsibility Isn't Just the Cool Thing to Do

Your efforts with corporate social responsibility will become second nature—here's how and why.

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Aligning Your Corporate Giving Programs with Millennials

Millennials are flooding the (workplace) gates—here's how and why you need to change your corporate giving programs for them.

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The Generous Generation—3 Millennial Myths Debunked
James Moore / Working Millennials / November 17, 2016

Millennials get a bad rep! But study after study shows that these myths simply aren't true.

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Millennials are your next workforce.

See how they will shape your company’s philanthropy and giving culture––one donation at a time!

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