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About our company

Encast Core Values


Why do we exist?


Impact: Enabling significant giving
Let’s be very clear here. We’re all about making a significant impact on the world. Everything we engineer and release is designed to not just reduce friction and empower giving but, in a larger sense, to unleash generosity on a truly remarkable scale. We believe that giving-as-a-service provides the ease and scale to change our world.


Empathy: I feel ya
We work in this space because we believe that the currency of humanity is empathy. We can’t unlock generosity without having empathy first. We take time to understand our users, customers, partners and employees to create truly powerful and significant giving experiences.


Generosity: the currency of change
We believe that if we can get everyone to be a bit more generous amazing things happen. Imagine that. Just a little more generous with your time and money and the world is a better place. But, before you break out in Kumbaya, think about what that creates in the workplace. Better engagement from happier, more fulfilled employees. A little generosity goes a long way.