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It’s a mobile world...

... and like it or not, millennials have heavily influenced the mobile culture wave and cemented that mindset into our personal and professional lives. Millennials are already half of the American workforce. They, and the generations that follow, make it critical that every platform have a strong mobile presence. We do.

Millennials are key to workplace giving programs. Why?

Millennials are among the most philanthropic generation

Over 75% of millennials will consider a business’ social responsibility when determining where they want to work. 60% of millennials would voluntarily take a pay cut to work for a business they felt was more socially aware and responsible. And nearly three-quarters of millennials believe technology makes life easier and less complicated, and can be used as a tool to help them achieve a better work-life balance.

Encast’s mobile app is ready for this demand.

millennials in the workplace
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Why Mobile?

Your millennial (and non-millennial) team members are constantly on the go—which is why we’ve made it easy to take Encast anywhere with our mobile app.

We’ve built this platform for anyone with a smartphone who may want to bring Encast with them. Better yet, if they leave their job, they can still keep their mobile account to use Encast: the giving tool we’ve created specifically for individuals.

We believe in the importance of aligning your corporate giving programs with millennials.
So much, that we’ve written an eBook about it.

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And learn more about this generation of workers, and how they’re reshaping the workplace as we know it it.

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