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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to limit the causes my employees can support?

Currently, there is no way to limit any causes. Encast believes in the power of choice for your employees and how that can boost morale and build a relationship between C-level executives and employees. We talk about our philosophy here.

Will Encast replace my HR?

Absolutely not—we know the value of your HR team and how integral it is to your company. What we will do is be another available resource for you and your HR team if you need help with your new WorkHERO platform.

What happens to my employee’s account if he no longer works at my company?

When your employees no longer work for your company, they have the option of migrating away from your system to their own, personal account under MyHERO—like WorkHERO, but for individuals.

How much does WorkHERO cost?

The best way to get this information is to reach out to us. We don’t want to turn away a company from doing good just because it’s not in their budget. That’s why we’ve developed a pricing system to help provide the best cost for each unique company’s needs.

How do you find the ROI on an a workplace giving tool like WorkHERO?

You can find our best answer here on the blog.

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