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Fee-Free Giving

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Why does this matter?
Because every cent of your donation should go to the cause. Period. At Encast, we do everything we can to ensure every penny of money given to causes ends up in their hands.
How does it work?
Encast charges a low, per-user subscription fee for its services. All donations are collected and processed by our Donor Advised Fund (DAF) partners. Our DAF partners do not charge a per-transaction fee, but do apply a nominal, typically less than 2% fee for money not used in 13 months.

How other employee giving platforms measure up:

Here is the unfortunate reality: every workplace giving tool takes a portion of charitable dollars to fees. Even the ones that claim to be “fee-free” take a small portion of it and either pass the fee along to causes or to the business.

  • Benevity charges an administrative fee to their charitable foundation partners of 5-7% before the funds are distributed to causes.
  • United Way typically takes 7-20% of the donation for administrative fees.
  • Global Giving retains up to 15% of every donation
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What would happen to a $100 donation on other platforms?

With Benevity

$94 goes to the cause.

With United Way

$80 goes to the cause.

Global Giving

$85 goes to the cause.


$100 goes to the cause.

Want a firmer understanding of cost and other features?

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