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Encast Social Impact™

Encast Social Impact was developed for businesses with civic and community service in their DNA.

Grow your business’ reputation beyond the products and services you offer by elevating your brand 
around social impact, people's values, and common ground.

Encast for Workplaces
  • Beautiful, responsive app
  • 1.8 million+ nonprofits
  • Fee-free donations
  • Giving and volunteering reports
  • Intelligent recommendations
  • Annual tax statement
  • Staff grants
  • Payroll deductions
Encast for People
  • Beautiful, responsive app
  • 1.8 million+ nonprofits
  • Fee-free donations
  • Personalized causes
  • Volunteer tracking
  • Intelligent recommendations
  • Annual tax statement

"With the employer dashboard, I can see where my employees are spending their time and money (in aggregate, and anonymized) so I know my company's values. Then, I can develop community service and CSR programs that I know my employees will be enthusiastic about!"


Why do we believe in Encast Social Impact™?

Greater Productivity.svg
Greater Productivity
It’s been proven that happy, fulfilled team members are your most productive. Encast Social Impact can increase productivity up to 13%—an extra 6.5 weeks of extra work each year! Find the ROI on your workplace giving programs.
Staff Retention.svg
Staff Retention
The cost of staff turnover is no laughing matter—and it could be costing your business tens of thousands of dollars. 70% of employees aren’t engaged at their jobs, and people are looking for fulfillment from their jobs—not just a paycheck. Encast for Workplaces can make their work more meaningful Use our free attrition calculator to see how much you’ll save in turnover costs.
Attract The best-01.svg
Attract the Best
Everyone will be talking about your company when you have Encast Social Impact. With Encast’s PR expertise, your company will be known for your engaging work culture. Win the competition for top talent when people know your company’s culture is about much more than just the work.
Workplace Engagement.svg
Workplace Engagement
Your people are more involved with things they are passionate about. With Encast Social Impact, your staff gets to choose how your business gives back by choosing their favorite causes from among 1.5 million+ registered 501(c)(3) public charities, arming you with the intelligence to shape your workplace environment and community initiatives around them.

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