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Why Should I Use a CSR Tool?


You understand corporate social responsibility (CSR) is good. It makes your company look good––PR score! And it shows you care about your communities. You don't object to doing good. But you do question... why should we invest in a CSR tool?

Can't we do this ourselves?


You're Investing In Higher Utilization

How do you measure employee engagement with your CSR right now? Is it just by the number of people who show up to the annual blood drive? Or the number of canned goods in the collection area at Thanksgiving?

If you're not measuring utilization, you're not engaging employees enough. When you have a CSR tool, you can measure the percentage of employees who aren't using their dashboards. We help you set up engagement campaigns to get them logged in––spreading the love to their favorite causes.

A great CSR program reduces your employee turnover by up to 50% by making them happier, more loyal, and more engaged.

You're Investing in Data

With every employee donation, your company gets to know your employees a little better. You understand your co-workers just a little deeper. And you understand the causes that really fire up your employees. 

WorkHERO's dashboards gather data on every dollar spent. If 80% of your employees support animal rights causes each month, you can partner with a local dog rescue for your next company picnic. And when you have extra CSR funds at the end of the year, you can contribute to a local shelter you already know they love!

Make all of your CSR decisions empowered by data, not assumptions

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You're Investing in Morale

9 out of 10 consumers expect companies to do more than make a profit. Your customers want to know you're doing great things to lift up the communities around you. 

But your employees are also every day people. They want to feel proud of  the companies they work for. They want to know they work for a brand they would be proud to support as consumers! They need to know you care about people, causes, and contributing to the greater good of society.

When your workplace is buzzing with talk about the causes each person is loving on WorkHERO and how they spent their employer contribution that month, you'll feel the morale movement.

It's tough to argue with the statistics. Employee engagement tools have an incredible impact on your company's workforce and public image:

  • Improve your employee retention rate 25-50%
  • Employee productivity increases up to 13%
  • A better brand image and culture drives up to 20% more revenue

The numbers speak for themselves. You can do good.

But you can't do it without WorkHERO.


WorkHERO. A CSR Tool for Companies that Care.

Build on your business values. Live out your guiding principles. Start today by learning more about WorkHERO.