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WorkHERO for Businesses


A successful business is tends to be a charitable business. Companies that do well also do good. They give back. To their communities. And charitable causes of all types. But how do they do it? Does it encourage other businesses to donate? And does it have a positive impact on the company’s brand? Or customer and employee loyalty? As well as the charitable cause? Encast has a way to make this happen for your company.

By giving to the givers.


Make it Simple and Easy

Your employees are charitable. They probably take part in giving campaigns. Volunteer for local organizations that help others. And even give of their hard-earned paychecks.

So why not let them have the joy of even greater charity?

Instead of writing one, big, tax-deductible check to charity at the end of your business year, consider spreading those dollars out among your employees with a corporate giving tool.

Utilize Your Dashboard

We provide our cloud-based Giving as a Service platform to you and your employees. They each get a dashboard. And it has engaging capabilities to impact charitable giving at work. By tracking their donations. And identifying charities they might be interested in. As well as recording volunteer hours.


Disperse Your Donations

It’s almost business as usual for you. You still get the tax-deduction. You still have to do it before the end of the year. There’s only one altered step for the person writing the check. Instead of making it to a single charity, your big donation is disbursed to your employees’ accounts to share with charitable causes they love.

More causes get assistance than just the one that was going to receive your check. New people experience the thrill of giving. Your public relations reach expands. And your company’s reputation grows. Probably along with revenue.

Give differently. With WorkHERO.

And make a bigger impact.


WorkHERO. A Workplace Giving Tool for Companies that Care.

A business is built on values. And smart companies align products and services with what matters to their customers. Like charitable giving. You can connect with your customer when you care like your customer.