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MyHERO for Individuals

You donate your time and your hard earned wages to help the causes you love. The people and projects that you believe in. Because you know that a little bit can make a big difference. And it only takes one person to start a movement. Or change the world. That’s the way it’s always worked.

You’re a Hero. You Just Need the Right Tools.


Donate to Charity on the Go.

You might have encountered us at your place of employment. That’s where we are known as WorkHERO. But we know you are the real hero. So, we’ve created your HERO charity platform to be portable. It goes where you go. If you change jobs. Or if you decide to take a year off. You still have MyHERO on your mobile device. Or your computer as a web app.
We all know the world can be made a better place. And all it takes is you. You’re MyHERO.

Wherever you go, take your donation tools with you.


MyHERO. A Donation Tool for Individuals Who Care.

MyHERO has many of the same features as WorkHERO. Check them out!