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The Real Truth about HR Technology and Employee Giving Campaigns

By Leo Ramirez Posted on November 22, 2016

From desktop computers and laptops to security systems and smartphones, technology is our constant companion. Many of the tools we rely on daily were originally conceived to make modern life a little bit easier, but we could live without them.

But here's the thing:

These tools have been so successful at achieving their goal, that technology has gone from being convenient to being essential in most aspects of life. For example, the once-optional cell phone has rendered the ever-present pay phone obsolete.

Technology is Becoming a Necessity

In the workplace, technology is no longer the exclusive domain of the IT department. In fact, it’s actually kind of weird, in our high-tech world, to not have a tool that helps you work more efficiently.

Whether you work in IT, Operations, or Human Resources (HR), technology plays a crucial role. Technology geared specifically towards HR departments has been around for a long time. It actually makes perfect sense. Here's why:

HR departments are charged with the job of managing not only employees but also massive amounts of employee data. Given the sheer volume of data that needs to be managed, any HR technologies or tools need to be intuitive and seamless. Technology makes it easy to collect and store this data. But simply collecting the data isn't enough. 

Technology is Key to Finding the Compelling Data

Knowledge is only useful if it’s accessible to the people who need it.

When it comes to corporate giving, it can be difficult to generate reports demonstrating the ways in which employee giving benefits the business overall. After all, when a company’s investors or board of directors needs to know their return on investment (ROI) for corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts, they're looking for hard numbers. With a tool like WorkHero, HR is able to find and share that data easily.

Information such as who is actively giving, either financially or through volunteer time, along with employee productivity and retention is available right on the dashboard of the tool for HR personnel. With these statistics at their fingertips, HR can give concrete evidence of the ROI for corporate giving and so much more. 

Technology Can Pull Back the Curtain on Compelling Information About the Company's People

Impactful information about the workforce as whole, such as the causes employees value and the ways they give back to the community, can be made accessible with the right technology. Imagine this:

If HR could prove that “90% of our employees care about the local children’s hospital,” or “90% of our employees have donated time or money to support hurricane relief.” These sorts of inspiring facts can instill pride in current employees and draw the attention of job seekers, as well. Win-win for HR! Employers can even use this knowledge to inform new policies and plan events that will draw the most employee engagement.


Constant technological advancement is changing the landscape of every aspect of business. As technologies arise to meet the various demands of HR departments and CSR efforts increase across all industries, it is becoming clear that an easy-to-use, seamless tool for corporate giving will soon transition from a convenience to a necessity. At Encast, our WorkHero Platform is a simple and powerful tool to manage and encourage employee participation and corporate giving.



Author: Leo Ramirez

Leo is the co-founder and CEO of Encast, an organization dedicated to improving the way CSR professions create, manage, and measure CSR programs. Leo is passionate about the role that culture plays in business success. Leo has launched and managed social ventures, lead multi-disciplinary teams, and built solid relationships with civic and corporate leaders. His 25-year career has spanned executive management, business development, consulting, nonprofit management, technical support and engineering positions with Southwest Key Programs, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Coremetrics, Trilogy and Apple.

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